The (D)amian’s Oracle Series

I receive a lot of feedback on both Damian’s Oracle and Damian’s Assassin and decided to answer some of the questions I’ve been getting in today’s blog post.

1. Are there going to be more books?

Yes!  I planned 4 for this series, which has earned me quite a bit of encouragement about writing MORE than 4.  We’ll see how it goes!

2. When are you releasing the next book?

My goal is December for book 3 in this series.  I want to release a gift pack with the revised versions of the first two books and include the third.

3. Will the third book be about Jule?

Kind of a no brainer!!  But, since I’m a nonconformist by nature: the third book will feature Jule’s story and Jenn’s story.  Oh, and Jonny’s evolution into the Black God.  (They all start with ‘J’!)

 4. … and the fourth book?

The Grey God.  🙂  You’ll see Darian start to figure himself out in book three, and book 4 will be his.  I’m looking at a spring 2012 release for his story.  

5. Are you ever going to offer paperback versions?

Yes, we’ll look into using in a couple of months.  The downside with the paperback versions: they’ll have a price tag. I wanted to keep everything free this year until probably around December.

6. Why on earth do immortal gods talk like 14 year old girls?

Hahaha – I love the baffled emails I get about this one!  I guess the easiest explanation: why are immortals always portrayed as aloof, cultured, and bored?!  I wanted to breathe some life into Damian and his friends.  They adapt with the times and cultures, take the time to LIVE, and basically make their own paths. They aren’t involuntary immortals – they take on their roles with relish, do their best to fight a battle that will never end, and laugh while doing it.  They’re a bit more fun than stuffy immortals!

7. Where’s the sex?

I went with no sex scenes in hopes of appealing to a larger audience as well as breaking away from mainstream romance.  I read my mom’s Harlequins when I was young and thought they were a little better written in terms of the story and characters having a purpose and not just rushing to the sex.  I guess I want people to focus on the story and people … and maybe I wrote what I wanted to read??? Lol …

8. Where can Damian’s Oracle and Damian’s Assassin be found?
Right now, they’re basically everywhere.  Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Sony Reader store, Kobo, Diesel, iBooks,,,, Goodreads,, … the list goes on. 

As a final note: PLEASE take the time to leave reviews on Amazon!  You can buy the book elsewhere for free – in fact, I encourage you to!  But if possible, leave a review on Amazon!

25 thoughts on “The (D)amian’s Oracle Series

  1. I loved both books but unfortunately I have never purchased anything with my Amazon account so I can’t leave a review there. I tried it wouldn’t let me. If there are other places where I can, then let me know.

    • Wow – I didn’t even think about that! I figured anyone could rate … so sorry!!! Thanks for trying!!! 🙂

    • Hello, Pan! We’re still debating this one. I wanted to move into charging in December but still offer periodic free books next year. We’re also looking at a subscription service, whereby, if you pay something like 9.99, you’ll receive all the books I write with no add’l charges for the year. Basically, I want to transition into writing full time and quitting my current full time job, but I need some sort of income, even if it’s a small one!! My hubby and I are trying to figure out how to do that AND keep our readers … for now, the rest of the books this year (except for December) will be free, unless you buy them on Amazon. We can’t list them for free on Amazon, which is why that’s the only place they have a price tag right now!!

      Lizzy 🙂

    • Woohoo! Thank you, Mary! The third (along with the revised versions of the first and second) will be out in December! Thanks for your comment! Lizzy 🙂

  2. I really loved your books (Damiens) I didn’t think I would like it at first because of the different types of gods, but I dug the oracle. Once I started reading, the story unfolded and had me soaring through the adventure with them. Your work is very captivating and I am 100% glad that I read it. So of course, I had to read two. Wow, you are an amazing writer. Keep up the great work and I look forward to reading the rest of your series.

    BTW, what are you going to call the series? 😀

    • Woohoo! Thanks, Latisha! I’m happy you enjoyed them. 🙂 The third book will be out in December, along with the revised first two books.

      You know, I’d been wondering what to call the series, too! One of the most awesome experiences as an author is for me to release a book then watch how readers react and categorize it. On Goodreads, one of my readers pegged the books as “The War of Gods,” which I thought was really cool! I’d been loosely referring to the series as the “Damian series” … I guess I”ll have to figure it out by December. 🙂 Hahaha … suggestions/preferences? 😉
      Lizzy 🙂

  3. Please please please make the next two books longer. I was so sad when I finished them. I’d love to see what happens with Bianca and Dustin, Damian and Sofia. I’m wondering also do you think that you will give Darian a partner? Or even Johnny?

    • Hi Sadita!!

      Don’t be sad!! I’m having both Damian’s Oracle and Damian’s Assassin revised for re-release in fall. D’s Assassin will end up being longer and D’s Oracle will read much better!

      The third and fourth books will be: Damian’s Immortal (to be released in Dec) and The Grey God, so you’ll definitely see everyone again!! My goal is to show Jonny and Darian grow into their roles throughout the next two books while also bringing the rest of the crew along. So, don’t worry!!!! They’ll be back! 🙂

      I started a goodreads group to discuss the characters and people’s thoughts. You’re welcome to check it out! You may also like my newest release, Katie’s Hellion. It’s a paranormal romance, too!

      Lizzy 🙂

  4. So I tried to post something yesterday but did it in the wrong section…lol! guess I was just really excited about finding your website!! I had put off reading damians oracle for a while but I finally read it the other day and wished I had read it earlier!!! I absolutely loved it!! The characters really captured my attention! I read all the time and I was super excited to find another great writer! can’t wait to read more of your books especially this series

    • Hi Jessia! No worries – you can post wherever you want! We see the comments on our comments dashboard, which lumps everything together. Otherwise, I’d never be able to find where people have posted. Haha … I’m glad you enjoyed the Damian series so far! The third one will be out in December. Not sure if you’ve read Katie’s Hellion, but folks who loved the Damian books loved that one, too!! Thanks for taking the time to comment, and I’ll be releasing a novella in a couple of weeks!! 🙂 Lizzy 🙂

  5. omg! thank you for the two great books. I just finished reading both of them in two days. I could not put them down. All I can say is hurry with book 3! I refer to them as the Oracle’s Chronicles. I love the paranormal romance. I got the Damien books from Amazon. Will definitely look for your other books. Thank you for the great read.

    • Hi Michelle! You’re welcome, and I’m happy you enjoyed them both! I’m writing, I’m writing … ha! If you liked the D’s series, you’ll probably like Katie’s Hellion more than my other two – most people do. So, that’s probably a good one to start with. 🙂 Book 3 (entitled “Damians Immortal”) in the Damian series/Oracle’s Chronicles/War of Gods (I love the names people come up with!) will be out in December. Thanks for taking the time to leave comments! Lizzy 🙂

  6. May I just say that I love, love, LOVE the Damian series so far, and can’t wait for more; in fact, I’m hoping you don’t stop at 4. Like other readers, I was kind of sad that the second book wasn’t a true sequel in terms of following Damian and Sofi, but Dusty and Bianca definitely came into their own. Still, maybe a REAL sequel is in order? *nudge nudge* I’m so excited for “Damian’s Immortal”. 😀

    I’d also like to say that I respect your choice to try and keep the sheer pornographic smut out of these fantastic stories. On the other hand, you can vividly describe things like a little boy’s body bleeding into the street after getting killed by a drunk driver, so… maybe a *little* more sexual detail is warranted? They’re adult books, after all, and while I can understand wanting to focus on the story rather than cheap sex scenes, I know that I (and many others) were a little disappointed with the let-down. Your build-up of tension is amazing! It leaves me breathless and definitely wanting more… if the characters get to *have* amazing sex, can’t we read about it?! lol

    On another note, I’d like to throw in my suggestions for a series title; “Of Gods and Women” or “Immortals’ Fate”. I like “War of Gods” too, but the other titles, “Damian Series” and “Oracle’s Chronicles” don’t really fit, since each book in the series is going to feature a different person (even though they’re all close to Damian- but don’t they deserve recognition in their own right?), and since Sofi seems to be playing a minor role in the subsequent books after the first (assuming the other 2 are anything like “Damian’s Assassin”), naming it after her doesn’t make sense either.

    Also, I just wanted to mention that Sofi’s character in “Oracle” was *much* more developed than Bianca’s in “Assassin”, or at least that’s how it seemed to me. We watched Sofi develop from this normal, fairly uncomplicated person into a powerful, amazing, capable woman fully realized of her own abilities. She had to suffer and grow before she became who she was by the end, and filled out into this beautifully complex character. I just didn’t feel that with Bianca. She was always innocent and doe-eyed and while she definitely wasn’t spiritless, I’d probably call her character a little flat. There just wasn’t emotional depth there like with Sofi in “Oracle”; she just felt more solid, more real.

    Maybe it’s because Sofi was the title character in book 1, and “Assassin” was supposed to focus on developing Dusty? It did that perfectly, but poor Bianca got left just kind of looking like a sweet, helpless doe stuck in the middle of all these strong characters. Perhaps that’s what you were going for, since in terms of internal conflict and complexity, she really has none, and is supposed to be a sort of one-dimensional source of innocence and purity to placate Dusty’s jaded tendencies? Or maybe we’ll see some more character development in the extended version. ;D

    I think that’s all the rambling I have to do for now. I thank you sincerely for creating this series, it deserves WAY more recognition than it has. These should be NYT Bestsellers! Better than “Twilight”, at any rate… lol! These would translate to the big screen better, too. 😉 You are a brilliant writer, I’m jealous, and I’m moving on to Katie now while I wait for December to roll around.

    Thank you for these little escapes from reality. They’re amazing, and so are you, Mrs. Ford. 🙂

    • Holy smokes, Krystyna! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such thoughtful comments! I’ve had to read through them a few times to make sure I get everything! I do need to give Bianca more of a personality … lol … And agree about “War of Gods!” I’m not sure which reader picked that one, but it’s been the popular choice. Lol … I loved Sofi and Dusty, and I think that favoritism showed when I wrote them. (Bad Lizzy!!) Don’t be jealous – everyone has a story in them, it’s just having the time to tell it! 🙂 My stories read like movies, I think, maybe because that’s how they are in my head. Thank you again! Lizzy 🙂

  7. I totally loved these books too!! I can’t wait for the third and fourth books!! But, I have a couple questions. Is Sofi and Damian’s baby going to be born before the series ends??? And, is It possible for Jonny to be nice Black God and be nice to Damian??

    Also, I read Katie’s Hellion and no disrespect or anything but, I liked that book even better!! Soo, I was kinda wondering when Katie’s Hope is going to come out?? And is Rhyn’s name supposed to be
    pronounced like Ryan?

    I also think it’s great that your going to be charging people for your books finally! Ecspecially, because
    I’ve paid for books that aren’t even half as good as
    yours! And you definitely deserve to be making
    money off of them. I’m glad you finally will be. Soo… Umm I guess that’s all I have to say. Well bye!

    • Haha … your comment cracked me up, Lexie! 🙂 You sound as bubbly as I am, which gets me in trouble with my editor, who has to go on exclamation-mark-hunt-and-kill missions in every one of my books! Haha! Katie’s Hope will be out at the end of this month, and I’ve been pronouncing Rhyn’s name more like “Rin” (rhymes with tin!) I don’t know about Sofi and Damian’s baby yet … I’ve got book three planned but have started book four planning. I think books 2-4 will have to be close together in time because of Jonny and Darian’s development. And, well, as for poor Jonny, you’ll see him gradually become bad. I’m afraid he can’t be nice to Damian, but he’ll have more honor than Czerno.

      As for charging, I’ll be broke in December, so I gotta start. Haha! And thank you for saying that my books are as good as those you’ve paid for! I’m getting better and better this year, so I think when I’m ready to charge, my writing will be in a very good spot! Thank you again for your feedback!! Lizzy 🙂

  8. oh my word!! im about halfway through Damian’s oracle and i must say i cant wait to finish it and start on the second one, my friends all hate me because im on my mp3 reading the entire day!! lol but it really is so good, i hope eventually that Ikira will sleep with Damian =D lol im so dirty minded

    • Haha – thanks, Melzii! That’s funny about your friends being mad at your for reading! Yes, they do have sex, but because a lot of my audience falls into the young adult category, there’s no description. Lol … Enjoy the books!!! Lizzy 🙂

  9. I just finished reading the 1st book & I really liked it. So, I looked for your website so I could find out about the other books you have written & roughly how much they would cost me to get. I’m thrilled that they are free ’til Dec however I would definitely pay for them. I agree with another reader that I’ve paid for other books that weren’t half as good (& some of those were paperbacks). I don’t even mind that there aren’t any sex scenes. Now to go download the other books in the series!!!

    • Hi Latrice! I’m phasing in the pricing for the books. But, if you want to join my mailing list, I’ll be sending out a bunch of coupon codes around 19 Nov, so everyone on the mailing list can continue to download my books for free! I’m so happy you’ve enjoyed the books! Yeah, I don’t buy paperbacks anymore. I don’t know when it happened, but their prices jumped, like $2, over the past couple of years. I love them but … not gonna pay for them (especially since my bulldog usually ends up eating them anyway. :-/ ) Lizzy

  10. Oh my gosh! I completely loved Damian’s Oracle and Damian’s Assassin! I’m dying to read Damian’s Immortal but it seems I’m not able to through Will Damian’s Immortal and The Grey God be put on there? If not, I’ll be more than willing to make a trip down to Barnes & Noble, your books are worth it!! Unfortunately, I’m thinking four isn’t going to be enough… so maybe write more? 🙂

    • Hi Annelise! No, I can’t put them up on Public Bookshelf while I have them enrolled in one of Amazon’s higher royalties percentage programs. :-/ But you’re welcome to send me an email, and I’ll email you a copy of Damian’s Immortal!

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