(F)eaturing cover art by Dafeenah

For those who visit regularly, you know my next novel, The Warlord’s Secret, is due out pretty soon, in about 2 weeks (or less!)  I’ve posted the cover art and synopsis for two reasons: 1- I hope you read my book!  2 -I wanted to show just how good of a cover artist Dafeenah is.  The blurb below is all she knew about my book, and her initial mock-up was pretty darn close to the final version below!  She’s talented and absolutely wonderful to work with.  She’s just now foraying into cover art but managed to capture and portray the depth and mystery of the book beautifully!  Thank you, Dafeenah! 

The Warlord’s Secret synopsis: The demon-possessed Queen of Tiyan is at war with enemy kingdoms and her own impending madness.  She discovers the answer to both her problems in Taran, a slave-turned-scout obsessed with vengeance and determined to have Tiyan and its queen for his own.

You can contact Dafeenah via her blog.

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