(C)hristine, my new indie editor

Christine, Indie Editor

Welcome to GW, Christine!  She joins the talented crew of I.T. Sherpa and me as the poor woman who will be editing my novels! 

I’m cheating on today’s A-to-Z Challenge, because I asked Christine to write her own bio!  Ha! 

Christine says:

“Christine LePorte has been correcting people’s grammar and spelling mistakes for most of her life. Who knew that driving her family and friends nuts in her self-appointed role of Grammar Cop would turn into a lucrative editing career that actually pays (some of) the bills? Sometimes dreams do come true. Chris lives in Houston, Texas, with her three beautiful daughters and vows that one of these days she’s going to publish her own bestselling novels and prove she really does know of what she speaks. In the meantime, if you’d like Chris to edit your book, contact her at cleporte@gmail.com.  Although she’s a lazy tweeter at the moment, feel free to follow her on Twitter @cleporte and maybe someday she’ll surprise you with some witty words of wisdom.”

Christine’s background consists of several years with a publishing house and several years as an indie editor.  She has a fondness for fiction but has edited everything from children’s books to non-fiction and comes highly recommended from all her clients.
She’s currently tackling my third novel, “The Warlord’s Secret,” will be stuck with probably all my novels the rest of the year, and is also editing/revising both “Damian’s Oracle” and “Damian’s Assassin,” for a end of year bundle that will include book 3 in the Damian series. 
Where did I find Christine??  eLance.  I can’t say enough about eLance.com.  Though I chose Christine, there were many highly qualified, optimistic, and experienced book editors.  I’ll discuss more about my experience finding an editor through eLance in a later post!

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