The future of publishing

I’ve been reading a lot lately about the future of publishing.  There seems to be some animosity between those who want to see indie authors triumph over publishers and those who want to see traditional publishers prevail.

I don’t buy into either mindset.  So, as an indie author, what do I think?!

I think the future of publishing is a partnership between author and publisher.  Period.  No more labels (indie vs. traditional.)  My vision is a collaborative partnership much different than the suffocating relationship that currently stifles authors and publishers.  Both author and publisher can benefit from what they bring to the table, so why shouldn’t we want there to be anything else?  Why should there have to be conflict??

The current environment where publishers need a winning lottery ticket just to break even and authors submit themselves to the equivalent of indentured servitude for the recognition of being published – must and will change.  This arrangement is not to the benefit of either party.  A collaborative relationship, where the strengths of both authors and publishers are leveraged, will create a team effort to move a quality book, no matter what the medium.

Technology will force this transition.  Authors and publishers will have to change their mindsets, their approach to the industry, and their expectations of one another.  Separately, the industry will tread water.  Together, the industry will move forward.

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