Editing and the self-published: a quandry

I rec’d a review this week that made me think.  Someone gave a really positive review of “Damian’s Oracle” and said it was really good – for a self-published book.  It wasn’t a slam by any means, but it did make me think.  I want to be really good BY ANY STANDARD. 

I reviewed all the comments to date on both books.  I do have clunky sentences, some grammatical/typos, and flow problems that my readers have commented on.  I see them, but admit – I don’t always know what to do to fix them!!!  The answer isn’t as easy as running spell check!!!  I decided I should probably find an indie editor who won’t cost me a fortune. 

I am wondering, though: is it worth the financial and time investment for an indie writer to hire a professional editor?? 

I’m not sure … any thoughts?!

7 thoughts on “Editing and the self-published: a quandry

  1. I’ll proof read and editorize your work for free. I love your work -and many others- and if need a second pair of eyes, you could use me. Plus, I’ll be completely objectional.

    • Thank you so much for your support, Latisha!!

      If only you’d made the offer before last Wednesday … I contracted an editor for the rest of the year last Wednesday!! BUT, you give me a great idea: how about reviewing an advance copy of upcoming books a week or two before they’re published?? Do you think that would be of interest to readers???

      Lizzy 🙂

  2. Maybe too little too late but I too wouldn’t mind helping out with editing, proofreading etc. I work for a translation company and my job is editing the english translations for grammer and spelling erros plus correcting the english so it flows more naturally instead of like an online translator. I also do some writing on wikinut as well as I just started my own blog, I could do book reviews for you right before the books are released and I could include the release dates in the reviews.

    I also saw on a blog I follow a guy who uses test readers before he gets published. I don’t know if you do that or if it’s free or what that even really means as I have never done anything of the sort but it could be an option also.

    Any help I can be just let me know

      • Hi Dafeenah!

        No worries – trust me!! I go back and kick myself for my typos in emails or blog posts … lol … 🙂 I’ll keep your offer to proofread in mind! I did contract an editor about 3 wks ago, so I’ve got an obligation there at least for now. I’ve got a lot of projects, though, so I’m sure there will be more opportunities for us to work together!!!

        Lizzy 🙂

  3. I came across your site through the A-Z Challenge.
    I think it’s worth it to get an editor for the simple reason
    that after a while it’s hard to read my work and differentiate
    between what I meant to write and what is actually on the
    screen or on paper.

    • Hello, Joy!!

      First – congrats for contributing comment #100 to my site! Woohoo! New milestone!!

      And yes, I agree with you completely. I know what’s in my head, but others have to figure it out by what I put on paper! I did end up contracting an editor, and I’ll introduce her as part of the A to Z challenge!

      I’ll check out your blog today! Thanks for your comment!

      Lizzy 🙂

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