Updated ePublishing Figures and Tips

Everything that was discussed in our earlier post about ePublishing tips remains true, but I thought I would post some updated figures and a new site.

On January 24th Damian’s Oracle hit the front page of getfreeebooks.com – that was nice! 🙂  It stayed on page one for five days and brought well over 100 visitors a day to our site. Our total visitors were over 200 every day during that five day period. Once Damian’s Oracle slid off of the front page the traffic slowed down, but even several weeks later, we’re still getting 30-40 visitors a day from the site.

I’ve realized that a good percentage of our sites traffic will be cyclical correlating to new book releases. I’m ok with that fact as long as the post peak plateau is higher than the pre-release bench mark. So far this model is holding true. Before getting on getfreeebooks, we were getting 40-60 visitors a day.  After the spike our slow days are still over 100. With all of the positive reviews and feedback from Damian’s Oracle, I can’t wait to see the traffic generated from the sequel. We have been getting visits to our site daily from readers searching for the sequel.

The one drawback to getfreeebooks.com was the length of time (several weeks) from the time we submitted Damian’s Oracle until the time it appeared on this site. Upon further review, this may not be a bad thing, as it was posted to that site right as the others were coming off of their high points.  As I stated earlier, the traffic will ebb and flow, but I have no doubt that each baseline will surpass the previous mark.

Another source of steady traffic has been free-online-novels.com . I said in the original post that it was a small site run by an extremely friendly owner. While the site has a cozy small town feel, it gets big city traffic! The owner is one of the friendliest people I’ve met in my short ePublishing experience and the site is sending me between 30-50 visitors a day.

While I’m sure these traffic figures would make many web site owners cringe, I find them encouraging. For a small, start up site with an advertising budget of zero dollars and zero cents that is reliant upon word of mouth and sites which list free books, I’m happy with the slow but steady growth we’re experiencing early on. The growth isn’t fueled by purchased traffic, banner ads or forum spam; it’s fueled by people downloading quality books and coming here to say thanks or find more. If there is a better demographic than that I’m not sure what it is.

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