Resources for indie writers

In the spirit of Guerrilla Wordfare and helping others venture into the epublishing world, I’ve listed a few more resources below.  Most of these I’ve found on Twitter, which is another recommendation: if you don’t have a Twitter account, get one!  They’re free, and it’s a free marketing tool!  Ok, here’s the list.  It does include fantasy genre specific info, since it’s one of my fav genres.

  • Galley Cat, “The First Word in the Book Publishing Industry.”  News, reviews, RSS feeds from multiple sources, resources.
  • Daily writing tips. Short articles on grammar and style
  • Fantasy Faction. Fantasy book reviews (includes indie books!), podcasts, newsletter, forums
  • Ranting Dragon. Fantasy book reviews and news
  • Publisher’s Lunch. Publishing industry insider gossip, includes forums; “Track Deals, Sales, Reviews, Agents, Editors, News”
  • Publishers Weekly. Mainstream publishing industry news

Two awesome blogs with tons of free tips:

  • Write2Publish offers free marketing tips for indie writers/publishers
  • Newbies guide to publishing is an extremely active, useful site with tons of free tips, information, and epublishing success stories

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