Sequel to smash hit Damian’s Oracle slated for February release

The sequel to the smash hit “Damian’s Oracle” is slated for release in late Feb.  To all the readers and reviewers: THANK YOU!!  I was surprised at the responses I’ve received and have enjoyed reading your feedback.  “Damian’s Oracle” is posted at about a dozen different websites and will soon be available on Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes and Nobles Nook.  I anticipate “Damian’s Oracle” reaching Apple ebook stores late next week (hopefully!)

This series will be 4 books long, though I only have book 2 scheduled for release this year as part of my self-inflicted 12-12 challenge (12 books in 12 months.)  If this momentum remains, I’ll release at least book 3 later this year.

32 thoughts on “Sequel to smash hit Damian’s Oracle slated for February release

  1. I LOVED Damian’s Oracle, and as soon I as I was finished reading it I immediately started looking for the sequel! I hope, hope, hope, it comes out this month, that would be awesome!!!

    • Hello, Katie!

      Yay! I’m glad you loved the book! It’s a quick, fun read! Yes, yes, yes, it’ll be out later this month! Lol … I’ve had so much positive feedback on this one. I’m hoping the second book is just as well-received. If nothing else, I feel like it flows a little smoother, especially since the first book set the foundation for the follow-on books. It can be hard to world-build and move a story forward, which is why I think book 2 will at least read better! 🙂

      Thanks for your comments!

      • Great! I’m so excited to hear that it will be February. I would agree with Marna that the writing matched what was going on in the book and it kept my total attention. I cannot wait for the second book (I think I read somewhere that there will be four books?)!

        • Very cool, Katie. I had a lot of internal angst about the writing style. I like clear-cut POV changes and altering the writing style slightly to reflect each character’s POV, which has more to do with me being confused by too subtle-shifts in other writers’ works than knowing if it’s actually smart or not!! I do need to work on smoothing out my sentence structure and transitions, though, which gave me some headaches with Damian’s Oracle. At the end of the day, I’m a simple person with a short attention span, which I believe is probably reflected in the style that Damian’s Oracle and the series are written in. And yes, four books! I don’t think the third will be out until early next year – I’d been trying to fit it in this year, but I’m not sure I can …

          Lizzy 🙂

  2. So glad there will be more in the series. The read of the book matched the action well, I thought. Smooth might not have let the story build as well. It is a quick read, probably a good testament to how the story keeps the reader’s attention. Will definitely be watching for the sequel.

    • Hi Marna! You had a couple of folks agree with you on the writing! 🙂 I made a half-joke in one of my responses about the writing style matching my somewhat simple outlook on life and short attention span; if it kept me entertained, it probably will others! I think as long as I can tailor the writing to support rather than impede the story I’m trying to tell, I’ll be able to maintain readers’ attentions. I’ll continue to hone my craft, which is why this type of feedback is absolutely vital and greatly appreciated!

      Lizzy 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for Damien’s Oracle it was wonderful. As soon as I started I couldn’t put it down. Even my seventeen year old enjoyed it. I can’t wait for the next installation. Keep up the great work and know that your talent is highly appreciated.

    • That’s awesome, Josie! You and your daughter can share book 2 when it’s out next weekend! (I’m keeping everything free for at least a year, so you can both download it. Ha!)

      Lizzy 🙂

      • Absolutely wonderful, again thank you so much. Just wanted to make your day by letting you know that my seventeen year old is my son lol. To be honest, I only got him to read it because his name is Damian (spelled Daymeon) once he started he loved it.

        • That’s AWESOME, Josie!!! You’re right – I laughed out loud when I read your comment! So sorry for assuming incorrectly!!! lol … One of my best friends has a son named Daimien (with yet a third spelling), and I’ve always loved the name. 🙂 Thanks for reading (and forcing your son to read it! lol) and for your comments!!

          Lizzy 🙂

  4. Hi lizzy I love love loved ! Damiend oracle ! I can’t wait fir book 2 to come out when will that be ? I can’t wait im chomping at the bit for the next one haha oh and will the 2nd book be available on iBooks ? I hope it us 🙂 can u tell me the title so I can look out for it ? If u wanna keep it under wraps I’ll just keep a eye on ure iBook page 🙂 I really loved this book the best I’ve read in a long time and I read alot ! Haha can’t wait to read every book from this series 🙂 thanks for taking time out your day to read this 🙂 you have a new fan lol , thank you again for the genius that is damiens oracle .

    • Hello, Leia!

      The book is entitled, “Damian’s Assassin.” 🙂 I go through a third party to push the books to libraries such as ibook. So, even though I’ll release the second book this weekend, it’ll take two weeks (I think!) to appear in the ibooks library. I’ll post a link on my site, though, of where you can download a compatible version. So glad you liked the story!! Thanks for your feedback!!

      Lizzy 🙂

  5. great book. . .loved finding a paranormal romance that isn’t the same old-same old. . . vampires, angels, etc. yours was a fresh new world with no preconceived concepts to fight against. looking forward to the next book. . .but, really; is four going to be enough??? i need to know EVERYONE’S story! :o)

    • Hi Julie!!

      If nothing else, I have a wacky imagination … lol! I don’t know if four will be enough – might be all my short attention span can handle!! I figured four was good after reading so many other paranormal romance series where the author basically should’ve quit when she was ahead! I don’t want the world/concepts to get stale or to stray from the feel of the original books. But, I guess I can’t rule out more, depending on how well the series is received.

      Thanks for your comments!
      Lizzy 🙂

  6. Hi lizzy just finished Damian’s assassin loved it ! You are amazing but now I can’t wait for what happens next do u have any idea when the next one will be available hehe I just can’t get enough ! Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Leia!

      Thank you!! Lol … No, I’m not yet sure when I’ll have book 3 ready. I will have another book out by the end of March, though it’ll be quite a bit different in terms of setting. It’ll be one of my fantasy romances – totally different world. It’s about the queen of a tiny kingdom who struggles with the knowledge that what’s best for her kingdom might be her own death. Her love interest is a man with a dark history as well – literally! He spent 15 years a prisoner in catacombs underground and wants revenge … between the two of them, they’ve got a little bit of baggage to deal with. Ha! It’s darker, more emotionally charged than the Damian series. I’ll be really curious to see if people like it as much as the Damian series, since it’s so different!

      I’ll send an email when the next book’s out … 🙂

      Lizzy 🙂

  7. I am almost finished Damian’s Oracle and I I’ve to say that I’m addicted. I wouldn’t consider myself to be a “reader” or someone that reads outside of college text books? But I must say that the story line is great and the character interaction is amazing. I’m glad the second book is out so I don’t miss a beat! I hear the 3rd is coming out this year? When?lol

    • Ok probably disregard my last message since I just read your latest reply above! But thanks join a fan club of yours!!! Hahah

    • Hi Kenneth!

      Awesome! Welcome to the site! So happy you enjoyed both D’s Oracle and D’s Assassin!!! I’m happy I could drag you away from your college textbooks, though I don’t know if that’ll help you graduate or not! Haha!

      Lizzy 🙂

  8. Damiens oracle was amazing.. a very wel worth it red i could not belive it was free.. will the other storys or at least one expound on the realtionship between damien and sofia.. also was jules supoused to be black ? it really does not matter but i am doin some fan art of the chrtrs for my art class and was wondering .. ty in advanced 🙂

    • Hello, Carlyn!

      The sequel to D’s Oracle is about Dusty. Book three will be Jule’s, and book four is about Darian, though you’ll see Darian again in book 3! 🙂 I had a lot of requests to write another book about Sofi and Damian. I’m not sure I’ll do a whole book, but I might do a short story or novella length story about them in between books 3 and 4.

      In my head, Jule is a mix: black and Mongolian. 🙂 That’s so awesome you’re doing fan art! Would you send me a pic of it, when you’re done?? I think that’d be so awesome! You can email me:

      No worries about the spelling – I constantly misspell, especially on blogs and Facebook. Haha!

      Lizzy 🙂

  9. I am in love with these books! You are an incredible writer and I can’t wait for book three! The characters are wonderful and I LOVE LOVE LOVE darian! He is too funny in book two! I hope we’ll be seeing more of him later on! You’re amazing and I can’t thank you enough for these awesome reads!

    • Awesome, Lexi, thank you!! I like Darian, too. He’s had a rough life! Of course – he’ll be back in book 3 (entitled “Damian’s Immortal”), and book four (entitled “The Grey God”) is his story. 🙂 I’m happy you love the characters – they’ve been fun to write! 🙂 Thank you for your comments! Lizzy 🙂

  10. Haha sorry to post so randomly but I deffinately agree with previous post, 4 is NOT enough! Im in love with these books and knda sorry that I got it free): you deserve to be paid for these! They’re fantastic!

    • No worries – post wherever you want! 🙂 They all pop up on one dashboard for me, or I’d never find half of them on my site. Haha! I’ve heard a lot of readers say 4 isn’t enough. I’ll have to sit back and take a look at it next spring, after book 4 is released. I thought about doing novellas or short stories on some of the secondary characters … but I fear having the series go stale! I guess the best way to measure how well it’ll do is to see what readers want after all 4 books are out, to see if the series will still have the life it has now … And no worries about free books! My marketing plan for this year was to keep everything free. 🙂 I’m looking at what to do next year … will keep everyone posted! Lizzy 🙂

  11. Hello Lizzy! I read both books and can’t wait for number 3! These books were so great I couldn’t stop till the end! You are very talented and I appreciate all you do!!

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