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Revised and re-released in October 2011. Inspired by Slavic mythology, Damian’s Oracle is the entree into the ongoing battle between good and evil over the fate of humanity. The White God, Damian, and his Guardians protect the world from the Black God and his monsters while rescuing Naturals – humans with extraordinary paranormal gifts – from the Black God, who would kill or convert them.

Caught in the middle is cool-headed Sofia, a Natural whose gift will tip the scales in the war. Sofia begins her transformation from human into oracle, the first in thousands of years. Damian rescues her from the Black God in time to complete a ceremony that will bind her to him for eternity. Sofia struggles with her new world and her role as an oracle and Damian’s mate while haunted by a mysterious man from Damian’s past who’s supposed to be dead. Unbeknownst to her, her link to the dead man may be all that saves Damian, his Guardians, and the fate of humanity.

While he wants nothing more than for the petite beauty to take her place at his side like the oracles of legend did his White God forefathers, Damian can’t quite rationalize having to win her over instead of command her. Further complicating his life is the sobering realization that there are spies in his organization who are helping the Black God take out his Guardians. Damian must help Sofia reach her potential fast, especially when a threat from his past returns.


“Excellent Read; original, innovative and has an engaging storyline.” Smashwords.com

“Just wow.
I have read many stories on this site and needless to say after reading this, it has easily become one of my favorites.
It was just amazing. I couldn’t pull myself away from reading it.
Keep up the fantastic work. You have a gift. :)”

“This is one of the best stories I have ever read on this sight. Thanks.” FictionPress.com

“enrapturing story! can’t wait to read more of your works! ^~^” FictionPress.com


Damian’s Oracle is a full length romance novel available for download in ebook format. The book has been extremely well reviewed by fans of romance, fantasy romance and paranormal romance.

66 thoughts on “Damian’s Oracle

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  2. I loved this book. It completely ensnared me on the first page. I even forgot to eat dinner while reading it. I cannot wait for the squeal!

  3. I loved it!!!! Can’t wait for the sequel and anything Lizzy Ford publishes. Easy read and very entertaining. Keep’em coming!!!!

  4. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! I couldn’t put it down. Great story and characters. I’ve fallen in love with the 3 virile BFF’s. Can’t wait for the next book.

    • Thanks, JKM!! Glad you like the story – it’s probably the funnest one out of my warehouse of writing projects! I’m slowly getting better at my characters … the next three books should be just as strong in expanding the overall story and building out more of the initial characters introduced in the first book. I’m hoping everyone likes book 2 as much as book 1!!! (I do, but I’m biased! lol)

      Lizzy 🙂

      • *long sigh* Ok so i just finished reading Damian’s Assassin and I loved it! I normally read on my iTouch but I couldn’t wait for it to come out on iBooks so I read the PDF at work today. Yes, at work! I got nothing accomplished. I’m so excited about the next one. Thank you for telling the stories of the these hunky men and brave women.

        • Hello, JKM!!

          Lmao at you reading the sequel during work!! I’m sorry I can’t time everything better as far as getting the book everywhere at the same time, but I’m glad you found a work-around!!! Great dedication … lol … so happy you liked it!!

          Keep reading Lizzy!!

          Lizzy 🙂

  5. I’m so impressed by your writing. i loved the book so much i check everyday. No pressure. i can’t wait for the sequel.
    Thank you for writing and letting us download them for free although i would pay for them.

    • Hello, Robinah!

      Holy smokes – no pressure! Lol … I’m writing/editing as fast as I can! I’ll have the second book out in a little over two weeks! And you’re welcome about providing them for free. 🙂 Someday, if I end up charging, it’ll be because I quit my day job and need to pay the rent. Ha! I was put on this world to write – it’s the one thing I do well and that makes me happy. I receive more satisfaction out of knowing people enjoy reading my writing as much as I enjoy writing than I ever would from money. So, I’ll do my best to keep eveything free as long as possible. Though, to date, I haven’t been able to get my Amazon listing to free. Still trying to figure that one out … lol


  6. This book was so fun to read! Exactly the type of book I love! I am really happy to hear you are making a sequel and its coming out soon. : ) I found the first book at Barnes & Noble and downloaded it to my Nook. Will the second be available that way as well?

    Great job, keep em coming!

    • Hello, Jaime! Woohoo – glad you downloaded it to the Nook! I’ve had a lot more luck with Barnes and Nobles downloads than Amazon. Yes, the second book will be available in the Nook format as well; it may take a couple of weeks to get to the Barnes and Nobles site after the initial release next weekend. I think we timed it at between 2-3 weeks. I go through a third party, so it stays free! However, I’ll post a link where you can download the Nook compatible version (I think it’s ‘epub’ version) as soon as the book is out, so you can grab it there. Thanks for reading!!

      Lizzy 🙂

    • Thanks, Mary! You’re in luck – book 2 will be out this next weekend! We’re designing the cover this week and should be releasing it Saturday!!


        • Hi Katie!!

          No, I use a third party to epublish the books, which keeps them free when they hit places like iBooks and Barnes and Noble. But, I can send you an email this weekend once the books released, and I’ll post a link on the front page of my website of where you can find it! DON’T WORRY – I’ll make it easy for you to find!!!! The more people that read ’em the better!!! Ha! Take care!

          Lizzy 🙂

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  14. Hi Lizzy! I love your book! I hope you’re not getting tired of all the praises you’re getting. Coz you are really good! I read your book last month and I found myself reading it again every time I finished! I could really feel every emotion your words are describing. You even inspired me to write. If I do write I hope I’ll be as good as you! I would also love to have a hard copy of all your books! I’ll definitely purchase them.

    -your fan(^_^)

    • That’s awesome, Jocelyn!! This kind of feedback makes me so happy – I’m glad I could inspire you to start writing!! The world needs good writers!! 🙂 I’m having D’s Oracle revised, so it reads better, and I’ll re-release it in December! I’ll have hard copies made then, because I want it to be edited before I have the paperback versions done. :-)) In the meantime, I’ll have more books coming out that will hopefully keep you smiling until December!! Thanks for your feedback!! Lizzy 🙂

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  16. Hi Lizzy!I’m a 19 years old aspiring writer and after I lost my inspiration these past days,I wondered on internet to read what I love the most:Original romance fantasy novels.I read non-Stop D’s Oracle/D’s Assassin/Katie’sH.I fell in love !Can you be my Godmother ?Lol!
    I would like to ask you if you were thinking of repicking D’s Oracle with the main couple Dam/Sof, because I’m craving for them(and possibly for a baby god)!Even if D’s Assassin was interesting, I was hoping every single second that I would get a chapter with the main Couple.Thank you for being my muse!Love U!

    • Hi Ghizlane!! That’s wonderful about you being an aspiring writer! I’m happy I can help you find some inspiration. Starting out as a writer isn’t easy, and it’s more of a marathon than a sprint, but if you keep growing your craft and just keep writing, you’ll find doors will start to open. There are a lot of people who may try to discourage you, but I say to follow your heart. It’s not an easy path, because writers don’t make money, but if it makes you happy, it’s worth it! 🙂 As for Damian and Sofi… I’m going to expand Damian’s Assassin by a few thousand words in the rewrite, so I’m looking at giving them a bigger role. I’m trying to balance all the characters for book 3 – – it might be longer than the first two books because of it, but if no one objects, then I’ll totally go for it! Ha! Thanks for reading my work, and whatever you do, don’t stop writing!! Lizzy 🙂

      • Hi, are you planning on writing another story about D and Sofia as the main focus of the book? I hope you are I can’t wait to read about them!

        • I’m not sure. If I do, it probably won’t be for a couple of years! I want to write a story about Xander, Jonny and maybe a series about the kids of Damian, Darian, Jules and Dusty. So … it might be awhile, if I can get to another book about Damian and Sofi! 🙂 Lizzy

  17. Absolutely in love with Damian and Sofi. Your heroines are headstrong and i lov th fact tht they don’t wait for their knights to come for rescue. Sofia goes to rescue her knight and ends up rescuing more than she hoped for. The characters and their talents were a bit to chew at the beginning, but easily sorted out once you fall in love with them. loved Pierre, although my heart goes out to Dusty.. You are a great writer, and you have inspired me to pick up my pen after 3 years of not writing anything. this time i might think of publishing as well.. Thank you so much for Damian

    • Yes, WRITE!! 🙂 I’m all about encouraging fellow writers. I want to develop a 101 on how to get into epublishing and writing tips sometime next year. It’s really hard to start, and I want to help others like me. I took a hiatus from writing to finish school, then just did nothing with my writing for years, mainly because I was trying to figure out what to do with the rest of my life. Then I realized it didn’t matter – I’d be a writer no matter what, and my books won’t get read if they never leave my computer!!! Hahahaha … I like my heroines, too. I try not to make them melt at the first kiss … 🙂 Lizzy

      • Thank you so much..
        Now I know the real reason why I haven’t written for so long. It was just because I couldn’t see my work getting out there in the world. I was in a ‘why bother if it won’t work out’ state of mind. Now i know that I should write,just to put my point across.
        And pls do think ant the 101. I would be eternally grateful..
        Biji Rani

        • Hi Biji! Lol about Dusty and reading D’s Assassin again!! 🙂

          As for writing, you just gotta start somewhere and keep going. There’s plenty of time to refocus, revise, start over, etc., but once you’re in the habit of making time to write, and you stop criticizing yourself, you’ll find it gets a little easier to keep going. I used to be really bad about not believing in my writing and myself. I had to learn it’s ok if something isn’t perfect, and it’s ok if my story/character/etc doesn’t turn out the way I want. The most important goal initially is to allow myself to write and withhold all judgment/criticism – just write. Nothing else matters if I don’t take that first step.

          Someone asked me the other day how I get over being self-conscious about my work, and I told them it’s a constant struggle. But, if I don’t make that effort and accept the knowledge that not everyone will like my wacky stories, then I’ll spend the next 10 years disappointed in myself for not trying. I’d rather be disappointed 5% of the time with the occasional bad review/slow sales and happy 95% of the time meeting all the great readers and writers out there than be disappointed 100% of the time, because I didn’t believe in myself enough to try. It’s not easy, and it took me 10 years to think that way, but it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made (aside from marrying my hubby!)

          I may be able to start the 101 this fall and hopefully have a good bit written by early next year. If you have any topics that interest you or that you’re more concerned about as a writer, let me know, and I’ll try to tackle them. Sometimes, it’s hard starting out with new ideas, so you’re welcome to suggest topics!

          Lizzy 🙂

          • Thank you once again for inspiring me Lizzy. You are a wonderful person to be replying to every comment on your blog. I have started writing and by the year end will have a finished product. I hope you will read it and give me some pointers as well..
            Wishing you success for you next books and I just can’t wait for them…

          • I’d be happy to read your book, Biji! Keep your head up and WRITE. 🙂 I met an awesome author a few years ago who took the time to read my work and encourage me. I want to do the same for others – I probably wouldn’t be writing anymore if she hadn’t! Lizzy 🙂

  18. I loved this story from beginning to end and can’t wait to read the next one!! I love the chemistry between Damian and Sofia and I love how everything flowed just right. I couldn’t stop reading. Couldn’t wait to find out what would happen next. Excellent job!!

    • Thank you, Jennifer! I’m actually revising Damian’s Oracle in late Aug for re-release in Sep. I didn’t have an editor until after I released the first two books in the Damian series, so I’m revising both this fall. 🙂 D’s Assassin will be re-released in November, then Damian’s Immortal (third book in the series) released in December! It’s an awesome year for books! Haha! Lizzy 🙂

  19. hi Lizzy
    I was reading D’s Oracle (again) and i hav a doubt. I think I had asked you once about how Sofi sustained herself without Damian being there for her in D’s Assassin. Remember? I was guessing it was through Darian.. Now, my question is -if Claire was blood bound to Darian (after all, her blood was used to keep him weak.), how come she could eat all those food in front of Sofi???…

    • Ooooh, Biji! Good catch. I’ll add that to my list of things to fix for the revision! I will have to address that somewhere in the book or change it completely. Thank you!!! Lizzy 🙂

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  21. I just finished Damiens assasin, are you writing another book in this series? please do.. I loved the first 2. read the second book in one day.. please please write another one. I really enjoyed them. thank you for a wonderful story…

    • Hi Jen! Yes, book three (Damian’s Immortal) will be out in December, and book four (The Grey God) in May 2012. 🙂 I’m also re-releasing a revised version of Damian’s Oracle in about two weeks, then re-releasing a revised and expanded version of Damian’s Assassin in November. I published both before I had an editor, so she’s going back over them to fix some of their issues!! I’m happy you liked them!! Lizzy 🙂

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    • Hi Kristzel! I had hoped this weekend, but it may not be until next weekend. I had to go back to work this week and am still trying to unpack at home. :-/ Sure – i can send you an email when it’s out! Are you on the mailing list? Lizzy 🙂

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  25. I just finished reading this book. I loved it. I am about to start reading Damian’s Assassin. The first one you wrote that I read was Katie’s Hellion. I love that one too. I am going to read Katie’s Hope next. I also have read The Warlords Secret. They are all GREAT books. I can’t wait to find out how these series end.

    • Woohoo, thank you, Calista! I’m glad you’re enjoying all the books! Book three in the Damian/War of Gods series will be out in Dec, so I’m pretty excited! 🙂 I’m working on revising Damian’s Assassin, because it’s just a bit too short and needed a little more meat on its bones! 🙂 Thanks for your comments! Lizzy 🙂

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