Amazon Goes Above and Beyond in Dealing with Kindle Cover Problem

I, like quite a few of you, received a kindle and a amazon made kindle cover for Christmas. Two nights ago my kindle froze up, and after rebooting stated that the battery was drained, even though I had charged it the day before.

A little bit of googling revealed that many people were having the problem, and that it was caused by the cover. Apparently the prongs on non-lighted amazon manufactured covers are causing problem in kindles such as the kindle freezing, rebooting and draining power. I read that those affected by the problem could call Amazon at 877-453-4512 or 206-922-0844 and that they would replace the cover or issue a refund. They did both. In addition to refunding the cost of the cover (I had to provide the email address and billing address of the gift giver), they credited my amazon account with a $59.99 “promo”, enough to cover the purchase of a lighted kindle cover. Bravo.

I would’ve been placated with a refund or replacement, but a full refund combined with a free $60 promo which could be used on the kindle cover of my choice was above and beyond. Amazon not only displayed great customer service, but turned what could of been a PR nightmare into a non issue.

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