New covers for the Lost Vegas Series!

The Lost Vegas Series recently got a new look! Check out the new covers below! Links and purchase information is also posted.

Aveline (#1)

Summary: In post-apocalyptic America, five hundred years in the future, famine, war, and chaos have created a hell on earth. Outside the isolated city of Lost Vegas, violent skirmishes among the Native Americans – who have retaken their ancestral lands – claim lives by day, while ancient predators awakened during the Age of Darkness hunt humans by night. Inside the city, criminals, the impoverished, and the deformed are burned at the stake weekly.

Among those ruthless enough to survive is seventeen-year-old Aveline, a street rat skilled in fighting whose father runs the criminal underworld. On the night of her father’s unexpected death, a stranger offers to pay off her father’s debts, if she agrees to become the guardian of Tiana Hanover, the daughter of the most powerful man in Lost Vegas. Caught between her father’s debtors and his enemies, Aveline reluctantly accepts.

Expecting a pampered princess, Aveline soon discovers sheltered, sweet Tiana is little more than a slave – and harboring a secret the wealthy Hanover’s will kill to keep. Little does she know that her fate, and Tiana’s, have been bound since long before they met.

Will Aveline’s street smarts be enough to keep them both alive?

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Tiana (#2)

Summary: Tiana Hanover, the sheltered daughter of Lost Vegas’ leader, has spent her life hidden away from everyone. She’s deformed, like the people her father routinely burns at the stake. Her only friends are her brother and her new guardian, Aveline, neither of whom understand the depths of her forbidden magic.

Distressed by premonitions of her brother’s death, she leaves the safety of the tiny room where she has resided her entire life and ventures out into a world unwelcoming of the deformed and resentful of her powerful father. Leaving Lost Vegas gives her the first taste of freedom she has ever known – and sets in motion forces she could not have foreseen.

For Tiana, the world outside the city is beautiful – and terrifying. Ghouls, Natives, a skinwalker … the danger scares her but will not dissuade her from saving her brother. For her companions, the greatest danger outside the city is the Hanover in their midst, a girl whose growing power could make her a threat second only to her father.

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Arthur (#3)

Summary: As the presumed heir to Lost Vegas, Arthur has purposely ignored the depravity with which his father runs the city with the excuse he will change things once he is in charge. Traveling with his longtime rival, Marshall Cruise, at first reinforces the prejudices Arthur has adopted from his father. However, Marshall has saved his life twice, and Arthur can no longer deny what is in front of him. He wants to make a positive difference in a city cowering in the shadow of Arthur’s father.

The more time Arthur spends with his rival, the more he begins to question his loyalty to the person who burned Marshall’s family at the stake. With his loyalties in question, Arthur struggles to balance protecting those he cares about and surviving long enough to save his city, a challenge that grows harder when the Natives around Lost Vegas begin to ally with one another.

War is looming – but the visions Arthur has of the future show him a worse fate is possible. Arthur must act fast, if he is to save his city, his sister, and his friends.

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The Witchlings: new covers for five year anniversary!

In honor of the five year anniversary of the launch of the Witchling Series, I had the covers redesigned and will be releasing hardcover versions (and new paperbacks) in early Feb!

“Dark Summer” was originally released in summer 2012 and “Autumn Storm” in fall 2012. Both were picked up by a small press and re-released in spring 2013! In Feb, thanks to my gracious publisher, I’ll have the rights back to this series, to the Incubatti series and to the Broken Beauty series (updates on this series later!) (Note: autographed versions will be available in October as part of the annual paperback/hardcover sale!)

Can you believe the Witchlings are almost five years old?! I can’t!

.99 for the first time ever. 3 days only! “The Trial Series!”

Four weeks, three sexy supernatural suitors, a murder and a curse. Will Leslie survive the trials?

Grab the entire “Trial Series” today! On sale for the first time ever!

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One to love. One to lead. One to Fear. Leslie Kingmaker has three weeks to choose a leader for the supernatural community, find her soul mate and break a curse. To make matters worse, the three candidates vying for leadership and her heart – a werewolf, fae and vampire – won’t tell her what she needs to know to navigate the trials. One of them is supposed to betray her, and all she has to guide her is the obscure, rambling commentary in the Book of Secrets, an ancient tome that’s been in her family for two thousand years.

She soon discovers the candidates aren’t the ones on trial – she is. The family curse is a threat to the supernatural community, and the three candidates have sworn to do whatever it takes to break the curse, even if it means killing her. In a race to understand the ancient spell that befell her family, and struggling not to lose her heart to any of the sexy, brilliant men in the process, Leslie must defy the odds and end the curse if she is to survive the trials.

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New release: “Theta” (#2, Omega Series)

The much anticipated second book in the Omega Series is now available!

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Theta (#2, Omega Series)

ThetaThe world ends in four months. Alessandra can stop it – but she can’t do it alone.

The mind of Alessandra, the Oracle of Delphi, is under the control of the Supreme Magistrate, a brilliant politician determined to use her goddess-like powers to conquer deities and humans alike. With her thoughts and powers compromised, she begins to question her ability to stop the apocalyptic future revealed to her in cryptic visions – and who her enemy really is.

Outside of Washington DC, the fight for survival hinders the Silent Queen’s ability to launch her attack against the political elite and the gods as quickly as planned. An unlikely ally saves her life – but it’s the emergence of the Bloodline’s hereditary curse that warns her she may not survive long enough to start the war she’s spent her life preparing for.

The Grotesque Prince, Adonis, has spent his life being defined by others. On a journey of self-discovery mandated by the goddess Artemis, he returns to the lands he once ruled, four thousand years ago. Instead of uncovering the object Artemis tasked him to find, Adonis’ quest leads him to a mysterious figure possessed by much more than answers.

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Lizzy Ford Paperback Subscriptions are back!


Paperback subscriptions are now closed or 2016!

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Untitled-1Titles included:
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September: Theta (#2, Omega Series)

Six month option (July – December) 

Pricing for 6 months: $90 for US and US territories; $120 for Canada and Mexico; $180 international! 

July: Supervillainess (complete – includes both novellas)6month
August: Theta Beginnings Miniseries (plus a bonus new release!)
September: Theta (#2, Omega Series)
October: Aveline (#1, Lost Vegas)
November: Tiana (#2, Lost Vegas)
December: North (#3, History Interrupted)

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12monthJuly: Supervillainess (complete – includes both novellas)
August: Theta Beginnings Miniseries
September: Theta (#2, Omega Series)
October: Aveline (#1, Lost Vegas)
November: Tiana (#2, Lost Vegas)
December: North (#3, History Interrupted)
January-June: TBD
Please note: on months where there’s no new release, you’ll be given the option of choosing any paperback from the 50+ on my backlist!

You will also receive any additional paperbacks I release during your active subscription free of charge!

Cover reveal: “A World Apart” by Camelia Skiba!

As promised since beginning of this month I have a $ 25.00 giveaway going on for anyone stopping by to see the new cover. All you have to do is leave a comment here with what retailer you’d prefer the gift card from.

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And now . . . drumroll please!

Then . . . Now!

AWA-FINAL small cover 1200dpi


Trauma surgeon Lieutenant Cassandra Toma begins her deployment at the Joint-Unit Air Base on the wrong foot. On her first day, she clashes with her new commander. Her rebellious nature and sassiness rival her excellent performance in the operating room. It might be the only reason she’s not reprimanded … or is it?

Major David Hunt is unsure how to handle the brilliant and beautiful Cassandra. As her commander, he can’t consider a relationship. A forbidden passion consumes them with the intensity of an erupting volcano, leaving her heartbroken and him with tarnished honor and pride as an officer. The only way out for David is disappearing into the dangerous warzone in Iraq.

When their paths cross again, Cassandra and David find they have a common goal—to find Cassandra’s brother, Maj. Robert Toma, kidnapped by insurgents while on patrol. To rescue him, they must put aside their resentments and fight their common enemy. And the fire between them is back.

Cassandra wants to give David—and their love—another chance. But she doesn’t know that his mistake, his secret, could cost them both the love they’ve finally found.

Cover reveal: “Theta” (#2, Omega Series)

We’re thrilled to release the cover for “Theta” (#2, Omega Series!) “Theta” is the second book in the trilogy and sequel to “Omega.”

The working summary and cover are below!

Cover by: Eden Crane Designs
Photo by: K Keeton Designs


ThetaAlessandra, the Oracle of Delphi, is under the control of the Supreme Magistrate, a madman determined to use her goddess-like powers to conquer deities and humans alike. Unable to confront him as she would like to, she bides her time and learns the political ropes while trying to save as many lives as possible. The implant linking her telepathically to the Supreme Magistrate begins to pull her into his madness, until she can no longer tell reality from the fictitious world he has created. With her allies exiled beyond the walls, Alessandra turns to Lantos, the Supreme Priest, a demigod as likely to betray her as help her. Lantos promises to help her on one condition – a condition she’s initially unwilling to accept.

Outside of Washington DC, Phoibe, the Silent Queen, struggles to control her rebellion. The army is fractured and unwilling to follow a teenage queen against the military might the Supreme Magistrate has spent years building. Just when she’s about to give up, she finds support where she least expects to: in the very gods she swore to expel from Earth. They’ll help her, if she calls off her war against them.

The Grotesque Prince, Adonis, has spent his life not knowing who he is. On a journey of self-discovery mandated by the goddess Artemis, he returns to the lands he once ruled. Amidst the rubble and destruction caused by the gods, he uncovers the plaque the goddess tasked him to find. Once he reads it, he understands too well the danger he’s placed everyone around him in, especially Alessandra, who woke him from slumber without understanding the consequences of such an action.


New release: “Mercenary” (#2, Theta Beginnings Miniseries)

The second installment of the Theta Beginnings Miniseries is now here and FREE! (Kindle readers please note: Amazon has been slow to make books free, but the Kindle version is available from Smashwords! Links below!)

Mercenary (#2, Theta Beginnings Miniseries)

Red satin ribbon curling over black background.

At first, hardened mercenary Niko is thrilled to watch the gods destroy the planet from the heart of the safe zone in DC, especially when he learns of the death of the man who forced him to work in the shadows. His excitement is short lived, however, when he realizes the reach of such wide scale destruction. His own son, whom he has never met, is caught in the middle of a war zone, and the one person who can guarantee his long-term safety is someone Niko knows not to trust.

For once in his life, Niko must think beyond today, and he doesn’t like what the future holds. He’s faced with an uncomfortable choice: become the father he never wanted to be, or continue to live life by his own set of rules and let the two people he cares about fall beneath the wrath of gods.

Available from: Amazon, Amazon UK, (FREE) Barnes and Noble, (FREE) iBooks, (FREE) Kobo, Smashwords (includes FREE KINDLE VERSION!)